What people have to say

The word Thank you seems not enough to express my gratitude. I have had a number of significant changes,I can now move my right shoulder for the first time in a long time & I am eternally grateful to you for that. I was preparing for surgery on that shoulder & now I won't be having any. I felt this rush of gratitude & I just feel lighter,I can't explain it in words it’s as if I am seeing my surroundings for the first time but in High Definition. Thank you,thank you,thank you Wendy.

Very Rarely do I find myself left without words when trying to describe an experience due to its grandeur and larger than life experience. Going to Wendy Leppard is nothing short of miraculous. I arrived in her space that was not only tasteful and immaculate but also so conscious and magically harmonious. The session’s direction takes shape instantly and healing begins. There is no need to intellectualize it nor understand it. However, I leave each session more empowered and free from the inner clutter, duality and judgment and replaced it with compassion, inner freedom and love for self which I lacked for as long as I can remember. I highly recommend Wendy Leppard to be a partner in your journey and growth, both as a remarkable facilitator for transformation as well as the methodology used.
Sophie Licht

I'm truly grateful that my path led me to Wendy. Wendy's radiance, her warmth, her gentle Presence unlocks my awesome, yummy being-ness. I jealously guard my time with her as it is a precious gift to myself. It is my me-time, which is my freedom. I am learning to be more Present to my life, believing in myself more, and I am more bold these days. Claiming my worth and power is becoming more effortless. I love the space I am in. Thank you Wendy. Thank you for being you. With gratitude,

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that Amanda has brought you into my life. Last night was my first good nights sleep after 12 really awful nights. Thank you so much, I truly do feel lightness in my step and a light presence in my whole being. I can’t wait for my next session on Monday!
Much love,

Thank you so much for the amazing session. My neck feels much looser and my Chiropractor says the change is extraordinary. She has never moved C1 ever, today she did! My body temperature has changed too. I’m suddenly manifesting things so easily. A concert I wanted to attend was sold out, a man came up to me and offered me a ticket for free including a program! Thank you for opening me up to these possibilities. I went to my Chiro again today, she said I should tell you that she loves you! She said there’s a richness and ease in my body she hasn’t felt before. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful energy and wisdom.

You are one of the most wonderful people I have met, I was overwhelmed with your love and sincerity. I want to thank you for helping to remind me of how easy it actually is to change ones attitude towards anything in one’s life. During the session I felt my protective walls dropping away, I felt physical changes happening and I felt rejuvenated and relaxed when I left you. The best part is that you have given me a long term gift, I am sharing that gift daily with others and miracles are happening all around me. I am so grateful to have met you.

Wendy’s energy is incredible. I have had amazing results from immediately after my first session. I have noticed a complete change in my posture and my body feels aligned. Things in my life have smoothed out in all areas, besides connecting with incredible peace and love within myself, I have seen the effects on my family without doing anything. It seems since my awareness has changed, everything around me is changing and my life has become a joy now. It allows me to manifest things which I just think of, with such an ease. Wendy’s energy has helped me to feel my energy much stronger. She has taught me some easy tools to keep myself grounded and my awareness tuned in to Love.

What I really want to say is thank you. I am feeling great. Backache is gone. I feel such overwhelming gratitude. And I see perfection in so many things. Lots of love

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, when I came to see you I thought I was losing my mind I couldn’t stop the tears because of all I have been through. When we finished the session I did not believe the lightness, it was like you took something very heavy off my head and shoulders, my breathing was different my hands felt so light I don’t know if you noticed that I kept on stretching my fingers. When I got home I did the exercises you suggested I do, my Dear Wendy I slept like a baby and I’ll continue to do them. I really thank you for the difference you’ve made in my life, it’s such a blessing to have people like you.

I never thought I could see life the other way round until I attended one on one session with you. After the robbery I could not think properly and fear was all over me, but after the two sessions I had with you I still cannot believe how quickly and amazing it changed the way I see life. I now rejoice and celebrate life each and every day of my life. Thank you so much.

I had intense pain with pins & needles in my hand at night due to tennis elbow. After one distance session with Wendy, the pain was gone and my elbow has been comfortable ever since. Thank you!

Thank you so much for today - hours later I am still in my high heel boots - went shopping in them for 4 hours!! I swear my toes have changed shape :) Feel like I have been given a 2nd chance to treasure, appreciate and look after my feet!! I am very grateful for your wonderful work. In love and light

Thank you for an absolutely Awesome session yesterday. There are no words to describe just how grateful I am to have met you and for the life skill gift that you have passed on to me. I am sure I am going to have great fun manifesting my reality. Thank you once again.

I had been suffering from both severe back and Achilles tendon pains for some months with no real relief from a variety of anti inflammatory medications and regular visits to the physio. At the suggestion of a work colleague I contacted Wendy Leppard and arranged for a consultation. After a further two sessions with Wendy and her Matrix Energetics “conscious awareness and self healing “ process these pains have thankfully gone away and have not returned now more than some 6 months later. I’m able to play golf again.

If I had to sum up in one sentence what my session with Wendy did for me, it would be “It gave me My power to return to Myself"...now the more in-depth version: I had no idea what to expect. After my first session with Wendy, I found that I was more myself than I had been in years! I had the confidence and the power to just be Me, with no mask's or worrying about how other's would react to me. I just was, Me! It gave me a huge sense of freedom and relief and I found, without effort, I began to swim down stream. I did not know until after my session with Wendy that I wasn't Me, that for many years I was unaware that I was not being true to Myself. As I changed, so the realisation came in. It was the most amazing feeling! In the strength of being truly yourself comes the ability to be accepted by yourself and others. It has been, in this authentic space of me, that I am truly Living my life now. I am an artist and have always felt I paint from the heart. I think that is true for all my creative years, but in a world where we need to make a living, I of course was drawn to paint subjects that didn't always speak to me, but I couldn't decline the business. I would love the painting anyway, because, if nothing else, I love colour. However, after my session with Wendy I found that my business began to flourish and I could again paint authentically from the heart on all subjects. The art classes that I give livened up and became a space for all my students to express themselves in a way I hadn't yet seen them do! Wendy’s sessions had a ripple effect through all parts of my life and seemed to spread out in a playful, fun way! The best part was, there was no hard work involved in making such a shift in my life! It was subtle and gentle, yet life-changing! Thanks Wendy for creating the space for me to shift and letting it be fun all the way!

My ankle is pain free and my body “alignment” is better. AND I feel more energised.

I am writing with a full heart to thank you so much for the session on Friday. Wonderful changes have occurred in my marriage. It is also becoming easier to live in the now and to be present to Divine Love and open to infinite possibilities. I've also become acutely aware of my reactions - I feel at a remove, which is fantastic, and it's allowing me to choose differently immediately. And physically what a difference, it feels as though adhesions have melted and that my left foot is no longer pronating. I am so very thankful for that. I feel so blessed.

I've been waiting a few days to see what's happening with my fluid retention. I haven't had to use any pills all week for it. I typically have to take at least 3 a day. It's hard to realize that one but I'm loving it! I'll keep watching the progress of it. I'm kind of longing for another session with you.
Love Tina

After my session, I felt like I do when I play with my grandson – we have no judgement on anything and do things that take our fancy and fantasy! I had to go to the shops and a little boy of 3 started smiling at me. I responded and soon we were playing – making funny fingers and noises. I wondered if he sensed my barriers were no longer there and that my projection to him was very open and non-judgmental. It was a wonderful session and you are so open and funny and fun to be around!

I've been waiting a few days to see what's happening with my fluid retention. I haven't had to use any pills all week for it. I typically have to take at least 3 a day. It's hard to realize that one but I'm loving it! I'll keep watching the progress of it. I'm kind of longing for another session with you.

I love my sessions with Wendy, they are teaching me so much about my space and how I can affect it by being in the heart and not the head. I have experienced a remarkable change in myself which unfolds more and more as I learn to let go.

I was feeling isolated and a complete mess. Then I discovered Matrix Energetics and all areas of my life have improved dramatically (5 months now). After my session with Wendy everything is better and it just keeps getting better every day. I am so grateful to Wendy that I now have a useful tool to find my purpose in life and to carve out the shape of my life path. I am happily waking up and living in the Matrix now.

I went to the sinus Dr. On Friday; he said my sinuses looked perfect and healthy. I’ve NEVER had a Dr. say that about my sinuses!! I told him if it wasn’t inappropriate, I’d give him a big hug. And I’m sending one to you right now!!!! I have no doubt our sessions affected his findings.

Matrix Energetics has brought about quite a few changes in my life. I find myself handling situations differently and better than I have done in the past. I am also relaxed about the ‘little’ things in life and I find that I handle stress so much better. My mother has had distance sessions with Wendy and has felt the benefit of these even though she lives many miles away. Even my small dog has had distance healing sessions with Wendy and when I got home after work I noticed an immediate difference in her. A session with Wendy is a powerful healing experience.

In my business it seems that some pattern has been shifted as it is coming and going better and better and the people who come in to my shoe shop seem to be happier compared to the average mood previously when there were more people just complaining. It reflects my deepening understanding of shaping my own reality rather than 'what life is doing to me' approach. Hugs and oodles of love,