Matrix Energetics Sessions Randburg

Every Matrix Energetics session is a completely new experience for the client as well as for me.

My approach is intuitive, accessing patterns of light and information and noticing where the change occurs in the moment. It’s a fast and immensely powerful way to access personal transformation. I am always awed at people’s ability to transform and shift their perception of reality. Energy sessions are effective on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Matrix Energetics will continue interacting long after the session has ended; it may be for hours, days or even months afterward. Medical science is now confirming this new Consciousness Technology as seen in the DVD ‘The Living Matrix’.
Please note: Matrix Energetics and Matrix healing is not used as a substitute for medical care, or for diagnosing any conditions. It may be used to complement medical treatment as a supplement and enhance the process or as a system for general well being.

Sessions can be in person, telephone, skype or distance.

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Matrix Energetics by Dr Richard Bartlett DC & ND

Matrix Energetics is a ‘consciousness technology’ that combines science, subtle energy and quantum physics in a powerful way to facilitate change in all areas of life.

It is a complete system of healing and transformation based on the laws of subtle energy physics, consciousness and focused intent that creates quick, often dramatic, observable changes. It can be used to heal, to transform and to create new possibilities. It restores natural balance, harmony and inner peace. Matrix Energetics is a pathway to transformation that takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality. It is something we all naturally do and by participating in this ‘field’ of awareness, we remember how to access the information that opens the doorway for Magic and Miracles to occur in our lives and the results can be instantaneous.
Matrix Energetics is about stepping into the ‘Miracle Mindset’ and being open to whatever shows up in the next moment.

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Sessions can be in person, skype or telephone.

Physicist William A. Tiller Professor emeritus at Stanford University writes this forward in Dr Bartlett’s ground breaking book Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation.

"...What appears to be pure magic in Dr. Bartlett's healing treatments is, in fact, a rational manipulation of energies and information in a lawful fashion based upon his theoretical construct of reality, which is appreciably 'outside the box' of our present paradigm. ...As a species, we are cognitively moving away from space-time awareness only and into frequency domain awareness."

'Consciously creating Beauty around you by observing the Beauty within You' - Wendy Leppard