Your Energy Sessions with Wendy

Every energy Session is a completely new experience for the Client as well as for me. My approach is intuitive, accessing patterns of light and information and noticing where the change occurs in the moment.

Holographic Healing is a fast and immensely powerful way to access Personal Transformation. I am always awed at people’s ability to transform and shift their perception of reality. It is effective on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and will continue interacting long after the session has ended.
Wendy combines her extensive background in Inspiration and motivation as an NLP Practitioner, Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Divine Openings Giver along with her interests in Metaphysics, Mindfulness and various other healing modalities to create a unique blend that is Wendy’s gift to you.
Wendy has the ability to inspire, motivate and guide her Clients to connect with their Core Essence, find their gifts and embrace their lives in a new and joyful way.


  • One on One Sessions – can be in person, Skype or Telephone
  • Group Sessions
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Meditation Group

Sessions – can be in person, Skype or Telephone

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Step into the presence of now – Wendy Leppard